Hardening of the child. Expert advice

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Any doctor will tell you that hardening — is to increase the body’s resistance to the effects of natural factors in the boundaries of physiological stress. Hardened kids very rarely drink medicines. The basis of training is the training mechanism of thermoregulation. A seasoned child does not feel fluctuations in humidity and temperature, and, of course, less pain. If you decide to temper your baby, remember that the key to success lies in consistency and continuity.

Sudden cooling can lead to colds, and breaks in the tempering will reduce all your efforts to nothing.

Hardening for the little ones

For a breastfed baby ideal room temperature should be no higher than 22 degrees. After a couple of months can reduce the temperature to 18 degrees. The first air baths should not exceed three minutes. When the baby turns six months you can increase the time to fifteen minutes, and in a year or up to half an hour. Air baths should be taken twice a day. Another essential element of cold — bathing of the baby. The water in the bath should not be hot. The optimum water temperature for a baby up to six months — 37 degrees, for older kids — 36 degrees. After bathing drench with water two degrees colder than the one in the bath and immediately wrap the baby in a towel. In the cold season, be sure to ventilate the room where the sleeping baby. In summer, the window should be open round the clock.

Hardening of the child from one to seven years

Kids of preschool age would be happy to deal with douches and rubdowns. Hardening should start doing contrast showers. Children poured cold water no longer than ten seconds, otherwise they will freeze. Poured over the hands, the feet and hands with cold water, then hot. Alternate not less than three times. To start water procedures needed with hot water and finish with cold. After contrast baby shower wrapped in a towel.

Hardening of children of school age

Pupils will be able to toughen up yourself. Ask your child the following scheme. The first seven days, he douses cold water on the shoulders and arms. The water temperature is 20 degrees. He then proceeds to rubbing body with a towel. A couple of weeks you can start pouring the entire body. Seven days after the beginning of such hardening, the temperature of the water should be reduced by one degree every week, bringing it to 12 degrees.

According to doctors, winter swimming in children is not recommended. It has to tempering irrelevant. For children, immersion in ice water is a huge stress to the body. Also, you cannot create child greenhouse conditions, always warm the milk to wrap up before the walk, etc. you Can arrange a contrasting procedures. In one glass, pour the hot tea and the other with ice. Let the child alternately rinse the throat tea. Also useful for kids walking barefoot. This is best done on the coast where there are rocky shores.

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