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Genital herpes: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

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Today, on our virtual “dock” — herpes simplex virus, belonging to the” mafia clan” (read — family) Herpesviridae What can I say, the client serious, can cause a dangerous protracted infection, state of immune deficiency, leukemia, encephalitis. And suffers not only the infected, but also its offspring, which, as transplacental route received such a dubious “gift” in the form of the virus, is exposed to teratogenic risk (congenital malformations).

And miscarriage and impaired reproductive function add this picture even more expressive. The relevance of our topic today is the fact that the herpesvirus infection spread in the human population is not just widely, and totally: over 90% of the world population in varying degrees carry the virus. And became more interesting, let’s say that herpes is almost the closest relative of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). From today’s article in the most colorful you’ll find details of genital form of the disease, i.e. genital herpes.

Causes of genital herpes

Well, the reason that everything is clearer nowhere — infection with herpes virus. Another thing, as it happens, and why at such a wide spread of the virus, it manifests itself not always. Herpes infestation can sometimes be in contact with an infected, or when you use items General use: towels, bottom, or bed linen. Airborne virus spreading. Genital herpes, for obvious reasons, is transmitted primarily through sexual contact, including oral and anal.

Not standing out from the total number of viruses, the herpes virus is an intracellular parasite and the cell (unlike bacteria) can not exist. It enters the body after contact with mucous membranes or damaged skin. A further path runs along the nerve endings to clusters of nerve cells called axonogenesis structures of the Central nervous system. It is the terminal portion in the travel route of the virus. There he persists, i.e. remains for life, and under certain conditions (which you’ll learn below) begins to affect occurring in the body processes. Therefore, a clear distinction between the status of infection of the herpes virus from this virus, in its active form.

In consequence of which genital herpes can become active? The reason is one — the state of the human immune system. Above we wrote that the infection of the herpes virus is 90% of all inhabitants of the Earth. But is it not at all, because the condition for this is the decrease in the protective forces of the body that occurs due to:

  • psychoemotional stress, i.e. stress;
  • physical work “wear”;
  • deficiency of vitamins, in particular with antioxidant (i.e. slow oxidation) properties: E, A, C;
  • imbalance in nutrition, resulting in lack of “building material” (primarily proteins) for the formation of humoral immunity because antibodies are proteins;
  • disruption of daily routine (a permanent change in the mode of work and rest);
  • medical impact (the administration of steroid and cytotoxic drugs);
  • AIDS.

The symptoms of genital herpes

In women, genital herpes aktiviziruyutsya rapidly and causes the following symptoms:

  • intense itching in the genital area (usually affects large and small labia, the mucous membranes of the vagina and urethra);
  • the formation on the skin or mucous membranes erythematous redness and vesicles;
  • mucous (sometimes with purulent component) vaginal discharge;
  • pain on palpation or other mechanical irritation of the inflamed areas (sexual intercourse, urination);
  • the formation of superficial ulcers on the spot revealed bubbles, healing for 5-7 days with the formation of erosive crust;
  • possible headaches and fevers.

In men, genital herpes manifests itself the same itching, localized in the foreskin of the penis or on the skin of the scrotum and perineum, redness and vesicles, burning when urinating.

Cold sores at genital genital herpes herpesepidemic

Is determined according to appearances and often does not require laboratory diagnosis. But in certain situations (if averagerate local symptoms on the background of the presence of common signs of infection) is carried out PCR diagnosis and serology for the presence of antibodies to the virus of herpes of 1-St and 2-nd type. However, given the prevalence of the herpes virus, antibodies (IgG) are most of us, therefore, to identify the active phase of the process, the timing of infection and evaluation of treatment effectiveness requires a comprehensive approach that takes into account the immune status of the patient, the presence of herpes lesions in the past.

Treatment of genital herpes

Treatment of herpes use of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Chemotherapeutic agents act directly on the pathogen. The main group of drugs used in the treatment of genital herpes is acyclic nucleosides. They prevent the replication of the virus. The first of this group of drugs was synthesized acyclovir (root, zovirax). Reacting with the viral enzyme timidinkinazoy, acyclovir embeds into viral DNA and inhibits its reproduction. In consequence pharmacists have created a valacyclovir (varova, he needs therapy with valtrex) and famciclovir (minaker, famvir), which was already more perfect than acyclovir, because more accumulated in the body, which gave the opportunity to take them less frequently (only twice a day, compared with the five-time receiving acyclovir).

But the virus was not a virus, if not tried to prevent such rude behaviour. As we wrote above, the key to him is his personally produced enzyme timidinkinaza. So, in order to shut this down, the virus is reduced or even stopped the production of this enzyme thereby developing a resistance to the action of acyclic nucleotides. Therefore, these drugs don’t always work properly, forcing scientists to continually look the other way fight against infection. In particular, they find its impact on the immune system of the patient, igniting the “green light” before the immunomodulators.

Immunomodulators regenerate a shattered immune system through the stimulation of the monocyte-macrophage system. These cells are a kind of “police” in the human body, catching and killing the “offenders” (alien and dead cells). To immunomodulators is quite a lot of different drugs, different by form and content, but similar in nature. It groprinosin, pirogenal, IRS-19, ribomunyl, immunal, Likopid, timalin, taktivin, Bestim, immunofan. interferon, genferon®, kipferon, cycloferon, Arbidol, neovir, levamisol. About the effectiveness of these drugs in the treatment of genital herpes it is impossible to say anything definite. The expected result could not always achieve that, in principle, true for any other group of medicines. Around virus broken a lot of copies, but the search for truly effective tools does not stop until now.

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