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Found people with genetic super powers

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American scientists have found people with genetic super powers. For this they had to analyze the genomes of more than 500 thousand people.

People with super powers, mutations in the genes do not cause disease Experts from Medical center mount Sinai hospital found that 13 people have genetic mutations that were to cause death, however, due to supernatural powers that did not happen. The reasons remained unknown.

Of 590 thousand people whose genomes were in the study, scientists tried to find those people who had a healthy phenotype, but had mutant genes. All scientists managed to establish more than 800 genes with deviations, which impact on health status in 100% of cases. Then, the experts checked whether healthy carriers of these genes or they have some variations.

The analysis showed that of all the participants in the study only 13 persons were resistant to one of the eight mutations that were previously considered impossible. One of which, for instance, causes cystic fibrosis — a deadly disease associated with the respiratory system disorders.

Scientists have been unable to obtain the consent of these people for the continuation of the experiment, so the causes of resistance, and the mechanism remain unknown. However, geneticists assume that the most probable cause lies in vysokomanevrennyh mutations, the establishment of which would help in developing new treatments for genetic diseases.

Information about the study was published in the journal “Nature Biotechnology”.

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