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Office work seriously threatening figure. Long hours sitting in front of a computer and the regular snacks – drying-crisps-chocolate – inevitably reflected at the waist. How long have you promise to exercise, but still failed to keep her word? Don’t upset yourself. Better show a little ingenuity and turn your office into a personal fitness club. Simple and, most importantly, inconspicuous exercises that you can do right at your Desk, will help to significantly improve the shape.

French writer and moralist of the 17th century, the Duke Francois de La Rochefoucauld never tired of repeating that “Grace for the body is the same common sense for the mind”. You don’t want “touching” folds at the waist eloquently reported by others that you are not sanity? You don’t want? Take care of office fitness. 10 minutes a day and your body beautiful again. They say that only a genius can do several things at the same time, in our case: to work and train the muscles. Check?


Like any set of exercises, exercises in the workplace you must start with warm-up. The best way to prepare muscles for the upcoming exertion, walk briskly down the corridor, look in the office for correspondence, climb the stairs. In the end, run down to the nearest café and buy a green tea “with him.”

The spine

What diseases often suffer from the office staff? For that year, the three leaders of osteochondrosis. It is found in 80% of clerks, managers and programmers under the age of 40 years. Your spine will save stretching using yoga.

Technique: close your eyelids, relax the body. Imagine that you are on top of blossomed a beautiful Lotus. So he doesn’t wilted from lack of heat and light, struggling to stretch up to the sun, that is, to the ceiling. Perform this motion carefully, slowly. In this case, colleagues will think you just received an email from the leadership and involuntarily tightened, straightened slightly.

Generally, the rule is to gently stretch during the working day. No labor, and the benefits for the spine is invaluable. Prevention of osteoarthritis should be consistent and methodical.


These simple movements are unlikely to smooth out wrinkles on the neck, but is guaranteed to improve brain blood circulation, relieve headaches and nervous tension.

So add to the ear phone, slowly and with an effort to stretch the shoulder. Perform the exercise in both directions. In this case you no one bothers to actually call the partners to discuss the conditions of the project.
Put your hands in the castle behind head, with a force push them back.

Interlace your fingers, hands bend at the elbows and put on the table. Gradually increasing the pressure, press the chin on the hands, look down. Get creative – put in front of any type of document, and colleagues will think that you are immersed in its study.


This exercise will help to remove the creases in the armpit, which are not only in women but also in men.

Bend your arms at the elbows, hands connect in front of him. Within 10 seconds, push your palms with each other, while strain the muscles of the chest up to the notorious axillary folds. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Uprites hands on the chair arms, try to “sit up” on his hands. Hold this position for 5-7 seconds.


Isometric (static) exercises to effectively burn fat and tighten muscles, not pumping them. Such exercises for hands allow for a couple of months to “sculpt” a small but very real biceps.

Elbows as hard as you can push to the torso. Palm put under the countertop. Tighten your hand like you want to lift the table. Count to 7, relax. Do this exercise to a slight tremor in the muscles.

Strain the shoulder girdle, slowly pull the shoulders back, with the elbows, try to touch the sides. Do the exercise slowly, as if through force, with a maximum voltage.


In order that the abdomen was flat, not necessarily every day, exhausting rock press. Enough … to keep him in suspense. Gradually contract and relax the abdomen, wherever you are. Another option: slowly bring and “tie” it. Repeat the exercise at least 50 times. Keep the breath deep, smooth.

If you need to tighten only the lower press, help the following exercise: straighten your back, place your hands flat on the Desk or the armrests of the chair. Tighten your press, connect your knees, exhale and slowly, with effort, lift the bent leg. Repeat 30 times.


You want to pull the inner and outer muscles of the thighs? This does not necessarily make a circular leg swings. There are easier and, most importantly, almost imperceptible exercises to perform which can be even in tight pants or a business skirt. They are equally effective for both men and women.

Close your legs together, feet on the floor. Imagine that between your knees clamped elastic rubber ball or expander “donut”. Struggling to squeeze his legs, hold for a few seconds and relax. Repeat several times until you feel a slight tremor in the muscles.

Push your knees towards each other, hands lean on the arms of the chair or table. Maximum straining feet the length, within 5-10 seconds press the feet on the floor. Relax. Repeat at least 30 times.


Be the lucky winner/owner of Brazilian priests can, at least, two ways. With the help of plastic surgery or special exercises. We highly recommend the second option. It is more simple and absolutely free.

So, sit on the edge of a chair, the feet on the full foot. Tighten buttock muscles and slowly lift up on the seat. Freeze in this position, count to 5, down. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.


Remember how excited as a child you did a useful and easy exercises for feet – a pair of scissors and a Bicycle. Why not repeat them now? Think of colleagues that you check the annual report, and “pedal turn”. Forward, towards slender legs!

If you care not only about beauty but also about the health of the feet, and do not neglect the special exercises, which activate the blood flow in the lower extremities.

Right foot put on the left, her toe with a force pull. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.

Sitting on a chair, “stand” on his toes and “walk” in place. Raise your legs at a 90º angle and rotate feet clockwise and counterclockwise. With the effort to bend or straighten the fingers.

If you have the opportunity, take off your shoes and try toes up from the floor any cylindrical object like a marker. Well, or at least to ride him up and down.

A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous not only for figure but also for health. Remember the ancient wisdom – movement is life – and begin to exercise. Without departing from the “production” directly in the workplace.

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