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Fallen food is teeming with bacteria, and the rules 5 seconds does not exist

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Scientists conducted a study to determine the plausibility of the allegations “quickly lifted from the floor food, is not considered fallen” and found that eating a piece of cake, just a few seconds stayed on the floor not worth it.

Food that fell on the floor, crawling with bacteria Traditionally considered that the food had lain on the floor less than 5 seconds, non-hazardous from the point of view of bacteria.

Specialist from the University of Chicago (Illinois, USA) Jack Gilbert, dealing with issues of ecology and Microbiology, notes that in contact with the floor food is the infection. Scientists in 2015 explored the collection of bacteria that live on the floor of an ordinary living room. It was found that household dust is more than 9 thousand different species of microorganisms, 7,000 of which are bacteria. Scientist’s reassuring that most of them are completely harmless to humans even when ingested in the gastrointestinal tract of man cannot bring harm, as killed by the action of acidic gastric juice.

Even if the floor is freshly washed, the bacteria will be present on it. Thousands of harmless for us, bacteria are all around us in everyday life, are constantly on our hands and face we inhale and exhale them.

However, due to the risk of falling on the fallen food aggressive pathogenic bacteria that survive passage through the stomach and begin to actively multiply in the intestine, causing acute distress, the researchers do not recommend the use of food, walked on the floor if there is no way to thoroughly wash.Thus, according to scientists, the 5-second rule of finding food on the floor is nothing more than a myth.

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