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Age-related changes in the skin are largely hormone-dependent. This is especially noticeable in women. After 30 years the estrogen level decreases and become visible first wrinkles, dryness and reduced elasticity. Exterior cosmetics with hormones can actively deal with such cases.

Estrogens and the appearance of Mature skin

Estrogens – female sex hormones that are primarily produced in the ovaries.
The skin’s appearance is directly linked to the concentration of estrogen. In adulthood, the hormone levels impact on the structure of the skin. A framework of the skin are elastin fibers and collagen. When estrogen becomes low, the existing fiber is subjected to a gradual destruction, and new ones cease to form. Without hormones, and decreases the levels of hyaluronic acid. This leads to a gradual fading of the skin. The moisture is no longer held in the skin and turgor decreases. Externally, the age of hormone-dependent signs of aging appear dry skin, devoid of elasticity and covered with network of wrinkles. Not all wrinkles on the skin associated with a lack of estrogen. However, the older a woman is, the more likely she has such symptoms. For forty years none of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can boast of really young skin. The role of natural ovarian failure in this primary.

Methods of combating a hormone-dependent aging

In the fight against aging modern cosmetology has a number of effective means. Drugs with hormones are the most obvious answer to the age-related changes. Hormone deficiency is eliminated or the use of estrogens inside, or external application. External funds have a much higher safety profile. They are allowed to apply even the ladies, who for medical reasons estrogen in the form of tablets or injection is strictly contraindicated.

The advantages of topical use of estrogen:

  • systemic effects of hormones on organs and systems is not observed;
  • eliminates the very cause of hormonal skin aging;
  • perhaps the use of thrombophlebitis;
  • perhaps the use of Smoking women;
  • possible use in diseases of the breast and endometrium.

Effects from the use of methods with estrogen moringaceae against the effects of the skin can be observed with the systematic use of external agents with estrogen?

Women who have used these tools daily for at least three weeks note:

  • improve complexion;
  • the effect of “rested” of the skin;
  • reducing the depth of wrinkles;
  • the disappearance of the mesh of wrinkles;
  • the feeling of deep hydration;
  • to increase the elasticity of the skin;
  • restoration of facial contours.

Such enticing effects can make coveted cosmetics with estrogens for the vast number of women. But we must remember that drugs with this component relate to the means of cosmeceuticals, medical cosmetics. Its use must be strictly indicated and only on the advice of a specialist.

Who really need outside funds with estrogen:

  • women after 40 years with hormone-dependent changes of facial skin;
  • women with early menopause, including surgical;
  • women with the syndrome of the exhausted ovaries.

Possible side effects

In the case of uncontrolled application of cosmeceuticals possible adverse events. One of the side effects for topical treatments with estrogens is recognized as a “habituation effect”. If the body has enough estrogen, the use of hormones external causes maladjustment. If you cancel means this leads to a sharp deterioration of the skin. Other adverse events are less common, but they can be faced with unreasonable use. First thing you need to note the possibility of the appearance of telangiectasia (“spider veins”) and thinning of the skin.

External funds with estrogen in Russia

Officially in our country external products with natural estrogens prohibited. They can not buy, but still our fellow citizens are actively used brought from abroad or purchased on the Internet drugs. Legitimately sold external products with estrogen-like substances. These include parabens, placenta extract, benzophenone, mineral oil.

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