Excessive sweating: to treat or to accept?

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Man — it sounds… well, not that proudly, for the past couple of centuries mankind has partly discredited its status, but, nevertheless, there are signs that allow us to consider ourselves the crown of evolution in comparison with the animal world. For example, the expression of emotions.

Man, if it is certainly not a professional scout, shows its emotions not only externally but also internally, resulting in increased sweating, increased heart rate, high blood pressure. In this case, sweating is probably the most dreaded phenomenon of all the above.
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  • Unlike normal from excessive sweating
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Excessive sweating Need to say that sweating is a very useful function for our body, providing heat and maintaining body temperature within physiological “play” that prints off toxic substances. Sweat the human body produces constantly. We have certain areas, most intensely sweating: armpits, hands, feet, the crease between the buttocks, chest, face, scalp. In this article we will focus on the pathological (excessive) sweating (hyperhidrosis), causing obvious inconvenience to the unfortunate owner of this scourge.

Unlike normal from excessive sweating

In practice, it is necessary to distinguish normal from excessive sweating. The meaning of the therapeutic correction of the latter is available only in those cases when the sweating observed at rest in the absence of any external stimuli. There are primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. Increased sweating associated with emotional status of the individual, it refers to the primary gipergidroza, do not carry any danger for health, except for violations of socio-adaptive. Another thing is the secondary hyperhidrosis, whose appearance “owes” you have a history of any disease, might be serious. It could be a malfunction of the endocrine glands (hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, adrenal tumors), cancer, obesity, TB, intake of some medicines (antipyretic, hypotensive). Local sweating (usually in the armpits, in the genital area, face, hands) occurs when vegetative dystonia. Often sweating is a companion of seborrhea. Localization of sweating in skin folds helps soften the epithelium and, as consequence, occurrence of eczematous diseases.

Methods of treatment of excessive sweating

Speaking about the correction of hyperhidrosis, it is first necessary to mention the old “Granny” methods: receiving sedative infusions (Valerian, motherwort). Because perspiration takes part of the sympathetic nervous system, the “comforting” her, we thereby reduce and hyperhidrosis. Also use physiotherapeutic methods of correction of the excessive sweating: electrophoresis anti-anxiety drugs, photophoresis. However, all these corrective events, frankly, belong to the “cave age” of medicine. A much more progressive method is the injection of botulinum toxin in various “sweatiest” zone, removing from the agenda the question about this disease for up to 6-8 months.

To some extent lets you forget about the sweating such as antiperspirants. Unlike deodorants only mask odor, antiperspirants block the process of sweating. But it is not without drawbacks. So, antiperspirants based on aluminium or zinc does not stop perspiration, and form a film, which prevents the release of sweat through the sweat glands, thereby developing some side effects: dry skin, inflammation of the sweat glands, eczema.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in any case, if you decide that sweating is a significant obstacle in achieving inner harmony and cause decapitazioni complexes, contact a dermatologist, who will establish the exact cause of disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

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