Essential oils: use and possession

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About the healing remedies of essential oils were known by the ancient. So, in his scientific writings of the Persian physician Avicenna (X-XI centuries) described the essential oils over 800 plants, and their effect on physical and mental health of the person, his mood. Essential oils have not only pleasant smell, but high biological activity, medicinal properties. Aromatherapy is a reliable assistant in promoting health.
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  • The use of essential oils
  • Essential oils and psycho-emotional state
  • Essential oils against colds
  • Essential oil stomach problems
  • Essential oils for toothache
  • Essential oil in psychiatry
  • Method of application of essential oils
  • Rules of storage of essential oils

The use of essential oils

The ancient healers had no doubt that with the help of essential oils can solve many cosmetic problems and health problems. In the XX century the art of aromatherapy, has finally recognized and official medicine. Moreover, this ancient art is now compulsory students of medical educational institutions in France.

Essential oils and psycho-emotional state

Essential Milanese mood is directly linked to smells that we breathe. For example, the aroma of coffee and fresh pastries instantly lifts your mood, and in sensitive people even causes a slight smile. But there are other examples: according to research by American scientists, the smell of chlorine people are always associating with the hospital and, breathing it in, experiencing a lot of stress. Therefore, in America all medical institutions are treated with drugs with the addition of fragrant essential substances.

Essential oil like no other medium can in a matter of seconds to change the psycho-emotional state of man: to cheer him up or to calm down. Some types of aromatic oils even stimulate creativity. American scientists conducted an experiment with the participation of 500 people. People were asked to draw whatever they please, then inhale the aromas of pine and citrus oil, and return to the drawing. Interestingly, after the aromatherapy session, subjects used more bright colors, their work was more imaginative and creative.

Awaken creativity will also help bergamot, marjoram and rosemary. These plants are not only favorite French seasonings to meat, but also a powerful antidepressant.

Essential oils against colds

The use of essential oils for colds and grippes the winter, the season of colds and flu, ancient tools from the Arsenal of “fragrant” pharmacies are particularly in demand.

From a cold will save essential oils of Basil, geranium, cinnamon, sage and nutmeg. Inhale before going out. Fill the surrounding space with aromas of citrus. Oil of these Sunny fruits are well proven as a powerful disinfectant and mild antidepressant.

Pronounced anti-inflammatory effect have tea tree oil, ginger, sandalwood, clove, sage, pine.

Reliable assistant in the fight against cold and cough – lemon, eucalyptus, Myrtle, frankincense, thyme, anise and cypress.

If you are hoarse, and the more you have laryngitis, will help essential oils of lavender, rose, Clary sage.

In the case of colds and flu use aromatic oils of bergamot, pine, fir and cedar, mint, fennel, anise, lavender, chamomile.

Essential oil stomach problems

In the age of fast food is a rare resident of the metropolis can boast of a healthy stomach. Special risk group – motivated professionals, office workers, who sacrifice a regular meal in favor of high productivity. Lunch? There’s really no time, because the boss is waiting for you an emergency report. And so every day.

To the aid comes again aromatherapy. Spasms and cramps in the stomach and intestines will be removed, bergamot, verbena, anise, fennel, chamomile, rose, pine. Heartburn will save the sage, lemon, mint. A feeling of heaviness in the stomach will clean aromas of anise, ginger, nutmeg, juniper and oregano.

Essential oils for toothache

A toothache? Do not rush to swallow a painkiller. Better to use the recipes of our scented kits.
When inflammation of the gums will help: lemon, Clary sage, cedarwood, spruce. Tooth pain calm the aromas of clove, geranium, nutmeg and juniper.

After the pain, find the strength and make an appointment to the dentist. Remember: the health of the teeth depends not only on your mental well being but, at least, the health of the digestive tract.

Essential oil in psychiatry

Essential oils are used for psycho-emotional correction. For example, in the case of fatigue is enough to inhale the aromas of verbena, geranium, grapefruit. To improve memory will help the lemongrass, Melissa, grapefruit. Too irritable person calm essential oil of oregano and vanilla, lavender, neroli and tangerine. Insomnia shows Jasmine, ylang-ylang, myrrh and sandalwood, and in the case of depression – rose, fir, mint, sage.

Method of application of essential oils

Application mesalamine essential oils are very concentrated product, so they must be used, mixed with some neutral carrier oil (when applied to the skin) or water.

A few drops of essential oil can be added to the inhaler, in a bath of hot water, aromakuritelnitsy or… to take with you to work. To do this, buy stylish aromamedalony in the form of ceramic amphorae, pour on the bottom a few drops of the desired oil and put it on the neck. Periodically, inhale the healing fragrance.

There is another way. Large sea salt spray essential oils, and then pour the resulting “cure” in a little box. Suitable tin box for chewing lozenges or drops.

Rules of storage of essential oils

Essential oils have a high sensitivity to light, so they must be stored in a dark place, in the bubble of brown or blue glass at room temperature. Shelf life, up to three years. The exception is citrus, they are “live” not more than a year.

Properly chosen essential oils, as we have said, will help calm, relieve stress, enhance concentration and energize. When choosing a fragrance trust your preferences. Since, according to the science of aromatherapy, each scent is “responsible” for certain organs and emotions, your body itself will determine what he needs at the moment.

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