Essential oils for hair

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Our lives run smells. They enliven memories, improve mood, regulate appetite, sleep and even body temperature. Learn how to use fragrances for personal gain, to increase their beauty and health.

Aromatherapy is the most ancient of therapeutic practices. But if at the beginning of aromatherapy is valued antiseptic properties of the oils, the modern experts suggest using the power of nature to treat and preserve beauty.

Effective use of essential oils for the hair problems

Essential oils for womenpreneur, sage oil strengthens hair, stopping their loss and stimulating the cell division of the scalp. Rosemary oil is good affects the sensitive scalp, relieving irritation and dryness. When excessive sebum production recommended masks with juniper oil — it normalizes seboregulating and prevents rapid contamination of hair. On a sluggish, weakened, dull hair a wonderful tonic effect has rose oil. And grapefruit oil essential hair loss due to stress-it improves blood circulation to the scalp and relieves the feeling of anxiety and tension.

Essential oil dissolved in the transport medium neutral oil (olive, apricot, peach) or ready balm. And even better — targeted buy cosmetics with added essential oils. This is the last word in art care. Mankind has realized that the path to beauty and health, based on the chemical effect on the body, leading to allergies and a lot of side effects. True health and beauty in unity with nature, integral part of which are essential oils.

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