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Electronic cigarettes: pros and cons

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Electronic cigarettes gaining popularity, and it is not surprising that it occurs primarily among heavy smokers — this is the main message of a new study published in the American “Journal of public health”.
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  • What is an electronic cigarette?
  • Opinion against e-cigarettes
  • Opinion in support of electronic cigarettes

About 40% of the respondents in the study, individuals heard about electronic cigarettes. The majority of them were smokers. Moreover, many smokers do not only heard about the new device, they very actively used it.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Harmful electronic cigarette?The electronic cigarette is a special device to simulate Smoking. On the Internet you can buy a lot of different brands with all sorts of flavors and different nicotine content. Moreover, the turnover of electronic cigarettes is not regulated by the Office of pharmaceuticals and food products from the US, as they are not formal treatment for tobacco dependence.

Electronic cigarette is similar to normal, but only superficially. They consist of a special cartridge, mouthpiece, a vaporizer and a rechargeable battery. Here’s how they work: you inhale and the vaporizer converts-nicotine solution from the cartridge in the dense vapor, resembling smoke. If the solution is over, is just to replace the cartridge.

Opinion against e-cigarettes

Says researcher Jennifer Pearson (of Jennifer Pearson), representing anti-Smoking Committee “Heritage” (Washington): “If there is some benefit from the electronic cigarette, it is yet to be confirmed. We do not have sufficient information about the long-term effects of this device. It is possible that e-cigarettes are less harmful than classic, but again, we have no information to say something concrete”. According to her, there is still a lot of questions. For example, did the electronic cigarettes that ex-smokers started Smoking again? What they use current smokers: to quit or to circumvent the law prohibiting Smoking in the premises? And harmful are cigarettes to the passive smokers? One word Pearson colleagues are encouraged to limit the circulation of electronic cigarettes, as long as they received all the answers to scientists ‘ questions.

The problem of the use of electronic cigarettes is the ignorance of what is actually contained in the purchased cartridge. In this connection, Pearson is offering to use only FDA-approved means of dealing with nicotine addiction.

Opinion in support of electronic cigarettes

The main argument of adherents of the electronic cigarettes is that they contain only nicotine and not the hundreds of other harmful chemicals present in ordinary cigarettes. On this basis, they argue that e-cigarettes can be called harmless.

New studies are investigating the possibility that the interest of the smokers to electronic cigarettes due to their desire to quit the classic Smoking, although manufacturers of these devices do not position their products in this way.

Disagree with her, Michael Siegel (Michael Siegel), doctor of medical Sciences, Boston University: “Electronic cigarettes play an important role for those who decided to quit Smoking. And popping them from the market can return ex-smokers in the bosom of their previous tobacco dependence. They feel like cigarette, look like cigarettes and smoked like cigarettes: you can see the exhaled smoke. They psychologically replace a cigarette smoker. However, they do not attract new smokers. It is very rare that electronic cigarette had used before never smokers”. To view Michael Siegel joins Gilbert Ross (Gilbert Ross), Executive Director of the Council on science and health (new York): “Electronic cigarettes contain ONLY water vapor, glycerin and nicotine. They just can’t cause the same harm as ordinary cigarettes.”

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