Douching and how to do it. Contraindications

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Practically every woman at least once in life resorted to such a procedure as douching. Many are trying to prevent unwanted pregnancy, infection with sexual infections or just use douching as a preventive measure. And whether it is necessary?
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  • What is douching?
  • How to do douching
  • Contraindications to syringing
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What is douching?

The best procedure to carry out douching in the bath.

Douching is called a curative and prophylactic manipulation, during which the vagina is poured into different solutions of medicines or decoctions of herbs. To perform this manipulation, you need to arm syringe (rubber bulb with a tip) or (even better) a mug Esmarch. The procedure involves the active leaching of vaginal secretions, microorganisms and ejaculate from the vagina. Gynecologists insist to use douching for medicinal purposes only, as a prevention method it does not carry a tangible benefit, or even harmful.

However, before you start this quite aggressive cleaning of the vagina, it is necessary to recall the properties of the latter. Why aggressive? Most doctors rejected the appointment douching the patients, and not without reason. The vagina has the ability to self-clean. This is achieved by the natural secretions that the vagina leaving slomannye epithelial cells of the mucous membrane, dead and/or pathogenic microorganisms and their metabolic products. Thus, the vagina is initially “clean”, except when the normal microflora inhibit pathological microbes.

How to do douching

Gynecological syringe for sprintsevani how to start the procedure douching should be acquainted with its rules:

The temperature of the slurry/broth
Used fluid must be at room temperature (check only dropping his elbow into the solution). In any case, water should not be hot, it can cause burns to the mucous membrane, or cold, causing discomfort.

The timing of douching
Gynaecologists believe that in the treatment of, for example, vaginitis, enough five days of training locally, that is, for the relief of symptoms. The high rate can make the 7 – 10 days.

Scheme douches
During treatment printouts twice a day (morning and before bed), for about three days, then carry out the procedure just before going to sleep (it’s 2 – 3 days), and finally once a week.

Duration of manipulation
The time spent on irrigation, should not exceed 15 minutes.

How to enter the fluid
The flow of fluid in the vagina should be free, without pressure. Tight stream of the solution can easily overcome the cervical barrier, which is fraught with inflammation of the internal genital organs. Therefore, for manipulation it is desirable to use a mug Esmarch (rubber cylinder, plastic tube and tip) than the syringe, as in a mug Esmarch easy to control the pressure of the jet is enough to raise and lower. When using a rubber bulb you need to squeeze, and the solution will flow into the vagina under pressure.

The observance of asepsis
Before you use a mug Esmarch or syringe, the tip should be washed and boil. After each manipulation the rubber the vessels (balloon or pear) are washed, not forgetting the cleanliness of the tip. Fixtures, which are douching should serve only for this purpose. In any case you should not use them for enemas or microclysters.

Compliance with caution
The procedure must be done very carefully and slowly. To enter a tip into the vagina can be lubricated with sterile vaseline, is to facilitate the introduction. During douching should not strain manipulation should not cause pain. If the movement is choppy and cutting, easy to damage the vaginal mucosa and cervix.

Provision for irrigation
It is best to douche while in the bath. The legs to throw at her sides. As an alternative to sitting on the toilet, but the rubber cylinder must be above the waist. Infusion solution provides cleansing of the vaginal walls, and poured it on their own, under the action of gravity.

Preparation of the solution
If the composition of the solution includes active chemicals such as soda, boric acid, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide and others, should follow exactly the instructions for the preparation of the solution. Otherwise, you can not only make the vagina a sterile, leading to the development of infectious vaginitis, but can also cause burns of mucous. If douching appointed decoctions of herbs, then they should be prepared immediately before the procedure.

Contraindications to syringing

Mug Amarasiriwardena douching is prohibited in the following cases:

  • it is not recommended to douche for “purity”, that is, with the purpose of prevention, it washes away the normal microflora of the vagina and provides a “training ground” for pathogenic bacteria;
  • without physician”s consultation in case you have itching, burning, spotting discharge, bad smell of excreta
  • before visit to the gynecologist it is necessary to refrain from the procedure, otherwise the results of smears are lower are unreliable;
  • at exacerbation of chronic disease or during the acute inflammation of the uterus, adnexa and cervix;
  • during menstruation (the solution can easily penetrate into the uterus via the cervical canal is free, and will be followed by pathogens);
  • during pregnancy (the risk of washing out of the mucous tube from the cervical canal that could trigger a threatened abortion or preterm delivery, fetal infection, and toxic effects of drugs on him and embolism uterine vessels);
  • in the postpartum period, lochia is still present and the cervix is open (about 1.5 months);
  • after curettage of the uterus (about two weeks).

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