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Cough medicines affect children

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As found by a new study, about 18 percent of children in Canada get the drug for the treatment of cough, in spite of warnings and even a partial ban on the use of these drugs in pediatric practice.

Not all cough medicines are suitable for younger children once in Canada was introduced labeling of drugs in 2009, pharmacy chains sold is 22% less on cough medicines for children.

Leading specialist of the scientific work of Jonathon Maguire (Jonathon Maguire) spoke about the study, which was viewed by 3,500 children born from 2008 to 2011, had a cough and symptoms of colds.

Scientists have found that a significant proportion of young children receive on cough medicines not prescribed by a doctor, even from that list, which contains the labeling about the dangers to health and the data about the ineffectiveness of the use for the treatment of children.

Dr. Maguire believes that in the absence of real benefit and documented risks, it requires strict measures to reduce the use of these drugs.

In 2009, health Canada warned about the need to eliminate the use of a number of drugs in pediatric practice. Scientists say that although this led to a decrease in the use of drugs in children, but is still a fairly large number of children receive them.

The scientists also stressed that in families where there are children as older and younger, often use the same drugs for cough and colds in children. According to Dr. Maguire, the necessary educational program to explain to parents the unacceptability of uncontrolled use of drugs.

Information about the study was published in the publication “Canadian Journal of Public Health”.

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