Concussion of the brain. Symptoms. What and how?

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There is probably no such person who would not have heard about the concussion. Many of us can “boast” that brought that disease or was probably on the verge of it. However, units will be able to clearly explain what is the “concussion” of the brain, how to diagnose and how to carry out rehabilitation of the victim. We will try to answer these questions.

Let’s pretend our head is a huge egg. Our brain is the yolk, the cerebrospinal fluid is a protein, and the skull is eggshell. And now all of a sudden shake our virtual egg or, even worse, hit it. Floating in the albumen, the yolk will hit the shell and under strong influences, and not very strong also, it will be dented and marks. And our brain is a delicate and fragile thing, any of its contact with the skull will cause deformation of brain cells, that is, to the concussion.

Consequences of such injuries can be the loss of contact as between individual brain cells and between its divisions as a whole, the dysfunction of interactions of the hemispheres of the brain and its trunk, and also much more.

The symptoms of a concussion

Symptoms of concussion may be dilated pupils, vomiting, loss of taste or smell, memory loss. A concussion may not cause these symptoms, however, if after a severe blow to the head You in the next few days feel dizziness or headaches, You should consult a neurologist for examination and diagnosis of a possible concussion.

The most common reasons that cause a concussion, are shock, injury, accident, fall, etc. To receive a concussion, the impact can be direct (front, rear or sides), and rotation (in a circle or from one side to the other). The main thing in this case is the force of this blow, which should be sufficient to ensure that the brain moved and hit against the wall of the skull.

Such a blow causes damage to nerve cells that are responsible for the chemical impulses in the brain passable. The consequence of such damage could be a sharp increase in the randomness of their work, so to speak, or in other words causes a “neural storm” in the brain. This “madness” of the cells and leads to loss of vision and memory, nausea and vomiting, headaches, etc.

Our brain – our doctor, the self begins to carry out the operation to pacify the rebellious neurons with increased formation of glucose, which leads to compression of blood vessels and hence slows down the brain. Such a process last as long as the blood pressure and all the processes of the brain are not normalized, that is, not come to its natural look. By the time this process of self-healing of the brain can take from one to several weeks. The main thing in this period of rehabilitation to avoid new shocks and negative impacts on the brain, since such damage can not be reversible, and it is a straight road to dementia. In this period the best medicine is rest and no strenuous exercise.

And last: You should definitely consult a doctor neurologist, if You see the symptoms of concussion. Perhaps full treatment is simple bed rest is not enough and You need medical treatment with a brain not to be trifled with!

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