Caries prevention: 7 foods that will help prevent cavities

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Tooth decay is destruction of tooth enamel, which can lead to tooth loss and gum disease, if not timely take his medication.

Tooth decay begins when the sugars remain on the teeth for a long time and provoke the development of bacteria that eat away at tooth enamel. In addition, the reason may be from the previously installed seals. Those seals that were set in his youth, weaken, crack at the edges as You get older. These cracks then get the bacteria and BAM –starts the tooth decay! According to the American dental Association, the good news is the fact that caries can be prevented by following these four simple steps:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with toothpaste with high fluoride content;
  • Daily use of dental floss;
  • Regularly professional cleaning and inspection of the oral cavity specialist.
  • Eat nutritious foods and limit consumption of sweets.

Despite the fact that sweet foods can cause tooth decay, there are also products that help You avoid the sound of bormashenko.


An Apple a day – and You can forget about visiting the dentist. As shown by experimental tests on animals, eating apples helps the saliva to clean the teeth, and flavonoids contained in apples, stops the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity.


Eating cheese helps to improve the health of the oral cavity, preventing demineralization of the teeth; and the protein contained in cheese helps to neutralize acid, which provokes the appearance of caries. Cheese contains casein – type protein that helps remineralize tooth enamel. You don’t need to eat pounds of cheese – only five grams of this product is already effective to prevent tooth decay. One recent study on the relationship between consumption of cheese and dental caries was conducted with the participation of animals. Scientists fed lab rats with bread and cheese “Emmental” and found that this product reduces the risk of tooth decay.


What have in common with tea, coffee and cocoa? Correctly, polyphenols! It is these unique plant components play an important role in the prevention of dental caries, because they can neutralize pathogenic bacteria. The polyphenols contained in cocoa, reduce the secretion of acid by the bacteria Streptococcus and S. sanguinis – the “bad” bacteria that produce corrosive acid, which burns holes in your teeth. It should be clarified that we need is cocoa powder, not chocolate. Extract of cocoa beans were given to rats infected with the bacterium Streptococcus. Rats that consumed cocoa extract, the level of development of bacteria in the oral cavity and caries was much less.


Flavonoids are known for their antimicrobial effects and, it seems, can help prevent tooth decay. Cranberries, like many other berries, incredibly rich in these components and organic acids. Flavonoids contained in cranberries and blueberries prevents bacteria from adhering to the surfaces of the teeth. Studies have shown that cranberry decreases the amount of bacteria that provoke caries, in saliva.


Despite the fact that peanuts and peanut butter contain the same fiber, experts believe that the food which requires chewing, helps to cope with the accumulation of plaque. Peanuts is considered one of the least cariogenicity (which causes tooth decay) products.

Black tea On other useful properties of tea read here.

Tea should be drunk without sugar, because sugar and provokes the appearance of caries. Tea contains a variety of flavonols, such as epigallocatechin, and they, as studies have shown, helps to stop the growth of harmful bacteria. In addition, tea leaves contain fluoride, a mineral that helps to maintain the health of the mouth, strengthening the mineral component of teeth. You can even brew tea in the water from the tap, which also typically contains fluoride. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago found in black tea the natural chemicals that suspend the allocation glucosyltransferase enzyme that helps plaque adhere to tooth enamel.

Unsweetened yogurt or kefir

Plain yogurt or yogurt blended with sweet fruits with high fiber content acts as a kind of toothbrush, preventing, thus, the adhesion of the sugars to the surface of the teeth. In yogurt contains calcium and phosphorus, which are essential elements of remineralization of the teeth; often it is these two minerals are destroyed by acid in the mouth. Kefir is also rich in protein and is source of magnesium, Riboflavin, folate and vitamin B12. The study, which involved 2 058 children under the age of three years, showed that consumption of fermented dairy products reduces the risk of tooth decay. The level of acidity in the oral cavity in adults who drink yogurt, fermented milk and fermented dairy products, was closer to the norm.

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