Carbohydrates for weight loss

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Many nutritionists recommend to abandon the use of carbohydrates. In the UK, on a diet with little carb sits approximately 15% of the population. However, very few people like this diet, because the most delicious food is usually the carbohydrate.

Eating carbs for pohudenie hard to resist the desire to eat a loaf of freshly baked bread, from the mere smell of your mouth water, or a delicious potatoes and butter, rice or pasta. It is difficult, and, as it turned out, completely unnecessary.

New dietary plan, actively gaining popularity, contains enough calories. It contradicts everything that was known until recently, including the Atkins diet and Dukan. However, this plan is backed by scientific studies that prove that not all carbs are harmful to a delicate waist. Some carbohydrates contain so-called resistant starch.

Use of such starch in moderate doses, can help reduce weight. This is because when passing through the digestive system of resistant starch produces fatty acids that stimulate production of enzymes that burn fat (especially in waist area). This switches the liver, which starts to operate in the mode of struggle with excess weight.

What contains resistant starch? They are rich in bananas, potatoes, beans, oats, brown rice, white pasta, barley and a tortilla. For lunch and dinner so rich in starch meals should take at least a quarter of the plate. But that is completely to be excluded from the diet – so it’s artificial sweeteners.

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