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On our site you can read (or have read) about the many different kinds of diseases and pathological conditions. Each has its own etiology, symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment. It would seem that they have in common? What can be common between the banal colds and fungal infection in his nails? Response — disorders of the immune system.

Our immune system is the cornerstone underpinning the development of a huge number of pathological processes in the body. Supporting your immune system at the proper level, we thus closing the gate of the biological organism for all organic “scum”. When a failure occurs in the immune system to the fore is the necessity of carrying out of immunomodulation, which will be discussed in this article. But, everything in order…

How can we affect the immune system?

First try to understand how you can affect the immune system. Here, as usual, two versions: with the use of immune modulating drugs or without the use thereof. If the first option is obviously the second case refers to conducting activities aimed at improving the General condition of the body. For example, the use of a properly selected antibiotic that can destroy the infectious agent and hence reduce the antigenic load on the immune system. In the same row is therapy aimed at reducing the sensitivity of the body to various antigens, vitamin therapy, the use of trace minerals and adaptogens, correction of metabolism. All of these therapeutic techniques lead eventually to increasing immune resistance of the organism, thereby producing indirect immunocorrecting effect. If all the above had no action, in this case without the use of specific Immunostimulants do not. Although the use in this case, the definition of “adjuvants” is not entirely justified. Why? Because they are not stimulants in the full sense of the word, they are what is called “the situation”: if the body is weakened immunity “to the fullest” if everything is normal — they did not manifest itself. Therefore, in the medical literature prefer to use the term “immunomodulators” what we, of course, will not argue.

Diagnosis of immunological failure

How to determine the “problem” in the immune system? Below we list a number of clinical markers, each of which separately, or, even worse, in the aggregate, evidence of immunological failure:

  • the chronic infectious diseases with intermittent, but inevitable relapses;
  • frequent (several times a year) colds;
  • skin diseases (eczema, warts);
  • recurrent herpes;
  • lesions of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity;
  • fungal lesions of various organs;
  • the development of diseases caused by opportunistic germs.

Causes of immune deficiency

Say at once that this article is not about those cases where the subject has a congenital immunodeficiency caused by genetic disorders, and acquired immune disorders. And the first reason in this list — HIV. That eerily looks at us with self-made posters and printing of sanitary bulletins in clinics, what shot miles of film while creating social commercials. But this, fortunately, has not yet become a prevalent cause immunological failure, which in the majority of cases develops under the influence of the following factors:

  • moved a protracted illness of different nature infectious (bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic) etiology;
  • eating disorders;
  • disorders of homeostasis due to the accumulation of toxic substances;
  • natural causes due to certain physiological changes due to pregnancy, senile or early childhood;
  • wrong choice of antibiotics in infectious disease;
  • the transition of the acute phase of the underlying disease in chronic.

Tactics use of immunomodulators

It should be noted that the appointment of immunomodulators should be clear evidence. The immune system is a complex and multicomponent, and therefore any intervention from outside must be extremely balanced and cautious. Their admission is justified only in case of clinical manifestations of immune deficiency.

For example, chronic inflammation in itself is an indicator of immunological failure, and is considered the “concrete” basis for the reception of immunomodulators (when acute inflammatory processes they are usually not used). Immunomodulators are typically used in conjunction with drugs to treat the underlying disease during the recovery phase. In the period of weakening of the underlying disease immunomodulators are taken solo.

A brief overview of the immunomodulators present in the domestic market

Without this section of our article will have an unfinished look. To not list trade names total scop, the structure classication of immunomodulators on the nature of the origin:


  • Microbial: ribomunyl, rutaskorbin Rue “Belmedpreparaty”, Imudon, IRS-19.
  • Chemical: levamisole, Galavit, Glutoxim, polyoxidonium.
  • Vegetable: immunal.
  • Thymic: timalin, Imunofan in cancer, timogen.
  • Nucleic acids: Derinat, Poludan.
  • Cytokines: leikinferon, Roncoleukin.

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