Aromatherapy: incense sticks and essential oils

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So nice sometimes to take a moment from daily routine and relax. Pleasant music, comfortable clothes, a warm bath, a good movie, delicious food – all this has beneficial effects on our sense organs and nervous system. But somehow, in these moments we are reminded of our sense of smell, and yet pleasant scents can create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.
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  • Incense sticks
  • Essential oils

Incense sticks

Aromatic Palochkin East know how to bring yourself into a state of harmony and tranquility with flavors. From there we came up with the tradition to burn incense. This files most often encountered in selling incense in sticks, although there are also cone-shaped pyramids, and loose incense, similar to clay. The latter two types typically have very strong odors, so they are recommended for use in open spaces. To experience aromatherapy is better to choose sticks with the scent of sandal — they have a mild pleasant smell that will satisfy any man.

Then try other monoaromatic: lavender, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, etc., then you will learn how to distinguish one flavor from another. For this approach the Chinese incense. Then you can go to Indian or Nepalese — they have, as a rule, complex bouquet of smells. Need for incense stand and incense burner. In addition to performing the functions of support, they are the perfect interior decoration. These accessories are for every taste and purse: from a very ordinary wood or clay to expensive bronze or brass inlaid with stones.

Essential oils

Essential oils for aromaterapiei oil is another fragrant way to calm your nerves and regain strength. Each essential oil has healing properties, so choose something that not only you like the smell, but also suitable characteristics. For example, oil of Valerian will relieve stress and insomnia; vervain prevents vascular spasm and headache; the scent of lavender is useful for the normalization of the liver, the gallbladder.

The possibility of applying the aromatic oils is very wide. You can burn them in the instructions was to take it to the bathtub, dripping directly into the water or stirring with a cosmetic salt, add to creams, shampoos, massage oils, and even wine, to apply compresses or inhalations. Another advantage of essential oils is that you can change the intensity of the odor and create a mix of flavors according to your taste. Mix the orange and the mint, juniper and pine, patchouli and bergamot — the options are limited only by your desire. Everything you need for aromatherapy can be purchased in stores specializing in the sale of products from the East, vegetarian or yoga stores. These goods can be found in shops of cosmetics, products for health or pharmacy. Use for yourself and simple, but such nice ways to make home sweet smell: spices for food or scented soap in her underwear drawer. Even the little things can add coziness and lovely fragrance of your life.

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