Animal house: harm, use, and veterinary clinic

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“Buy a dog (cat, rabbit, hamster)!” sooner or later this request hear any parent. And being the person responsible, ask the question: doesn’t the animal health of the child?

The benefits of cats

The gallant feline almost 100% of patients with toxoplasmosis, but the veterinary clinic do not need them — they feel great. The owner of the cat is infected be sure, and also usually feels OK, and even acquires a lifelong immunity to toxoplasmosis. The only exception is pregnant women, faced with Toxoplasma for the first time during pregnancy — they also feel yourself well, but the future fetus is at risk of very serious pathologies, such pregnancy recommend to interrupt. Hence the conclusion: provide the girl lifelong immunity against toxoplasmosis in childhood or adolescence, if the establishment of the cat is not included in your plans — borrow a cat for a couple of months from friends (they will safely go on vacation).

On groundless fears

The owners of four-legged are often concerned that walking the dog can share their parasites with the child. But these fears are groundless worms dogs live only inside dog, and 9 out of 10 cases incompatible with the human body. So you don’t catch worms, is sufficient to maintain good hygiene (wash hands frequently and to organize a wet cleaning). The veterinary clinic will prescribe a remedy for worms, a dog, a child, a neighboring four-legged friend, it is enough to check for helminths no more frequently than its peer without an animal in the house.

The real threat

In fact, the allergic child is the most serious reason to refuse from the institution of the animals in the house. Even the hairless cat gets rid of the epidermis, which can cause an allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic breeds of animals, alas, does not exist. If the kid asks for a pet, agree to probation (and with a child, the owner of a dog or cat) — if within two weeks of allergic reactions occurred, most likely, the animal safely. Not a “tease” of allergies and find time for daily wet cleaning.

Of course, Pets at home is troublesome. And it makes no sense to have a younger brother, if any of adults not ready to love and care for “the beast”. Yes, you will have to spend time walking and cleaning, and veterinary clinic is visited almost as often polyclinics for children. But the baby will be kinder, besides, more responsible, more confident and happier. Isn’t that enough?

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