Anemia in children: causes, treatment

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Anemia in children often arise from poor nutrition or lack of iron in the consumed food, which, in fact, one and the same.


In children, breastfeeding, anemia develops less frequently than “iskusstvennomu”. This is due to the better absorption of iron from breast milk.

Most often anemia develops at children who are “the result of” multiple pregnancy, premature in a period of rapid growth or in the presence of chronic gastrointestinal disorders.

Anemia in children can cause significant harm. Iron deficiency anemia in children can cause delayed psychomotor development. At a later age anemia affects the intellect may develop enuresis, myalgia.

Treatment of anemia in children

The principle of treatment of anemia in children is the same as in adults: oral iron (the baby in liquid form) plus a diet that promotes better absorption of iron is animal protein, fructose, organic acids, timely introduction in a diet of meat and juices. And adequate levels of physical activity and sufficient spending much time outdoors will reduce the risk of anemia to a minimum.

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