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Anaplasmosis: etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

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The difficulty in determining the ureaplasmosis disease is somewhat blurred the boundaries of the pathogenicity of its causative agent — a Ureaplasma. Probably not worth the extra time to mention that the microflora inhabiting all the “nooks and crannies” of our body can be both beneficial and pathogenic. For example, to halemau the mouth or anthrax (anthrax) no questions asked: the “dregs” of the microcosm deadly to humans.

Accordingly, the presence of these bacteria in our biological media should immediately be stopped. But with Ureaplasma, the situation is more complicated. This microorganism belongs to the so-called conditional-pathogenic microflora. It is often found in perfectly healthy people and only under certain conditions, like nebelivka Fantomas removes the mask of decency and begins to manifest itself clinically. And the Ureaplasma is what is called in a special position: like a bacterium (no cell wall), but also to viruses it is also not to be ranked (a cytoplasmic membrane, which plays the role of the microcapsules). If I wanted the epigraph to this article, you could have picked something like “Ureaplasma: life on the verge”: on the border between disease and normal, between a bacterium and a virus…

Similarity with a virus plays into the hands of the Ureaplasma: it is able to penetrate inside the cell, affecting the processes occurring there and changing its structure, including at the gene level, which in turn leads to degeneration of cell structures (as a consequence of this, for example — cervical erosion). “Expel” the uninvited guest out of the cage very difficult.

The etiology and symptomatology of ureaplasmosis

Ureaplasma, as the name implies, cannot exist without the urea, so the place of deployment she chose the mucosa of the urinary tract. The main route of transmission — sexual, but also possible infection of the fetus as it passes through the birth canal of an infected mother, and through everyday life in early childhood. In place of the introduction Ureaplasma develops local inflammatory process, the severity of which depends on the number and activity of the pathogen, and the immune system. Will develop if the pathological process or not depends largely on the composition of the internal microflora of the human body: if you break the balance between the species composition of the microflora of the internal environment of the organism, Ureaplasma begins to multiply rapidly. There are the first symptoms of anaplasmosis (long time carriers of Ureaplasma do not feel about 70% of men and women are asymptomatic carriers), which develops when the concentration of these microorganisms exceeds the permissible limits.

Symptoms ureaplasmosis

Symptoms of anaplasmosis in acute disease indistinguishable from clinical manifestation of most diseases of the sexual sphere:

  • the enduring desire to “go potty”;
  • discomfort during urination (pain, pain);
  • women — vaginal discharge mucous-muddy consistency, in men from the urethra of the penis.

Depending on the localization of inflammation in the mucosa of the urinary tract are: obesity (the vagina), urethritis (urethra), anomeric (endometrium), cervicitis (cervical canal).

Diagnosis of anaplasmosis

The success of the diagnosis is largely determined by the timeliness of seeking medical attention. Under timely treatment implies the day after, shall we say, risky sexual intercourse or in extreme cases, the slightest (slightest!) the manifestation of these symptoms. Usually identifitseerida Ureaplasma by PCR, investigates the discharge or scrapings from the urethra, the secret of the prostate in men or a swab from the vagina in women. To improve the reliability of the results of the analysis made “control shot” — a second study by another method (of microscopy (under a microscope) or sowing on nutrient media) and in other laboratories.

By the way, one of the factors potentiating the development of anaplasmosis, is pregnancyeven if the woman is healthy and she has Ureaplasma are present in a minimum amount, during pregnancy they aktiviziruyutsya that could escalate into a full-fledged ureaplasmosis. Therefore, when planning pregnancy screening for Ureaplasma should be mandatory in order to avoid infecting the baby during childbirth.

Treatment of a ureaplasmosis

Fortunately, the hospitalization in this case is not required. However, you cannot say that everything flows so smoothly. The fact that Ureaplasma has the astounding ability to adapt to used in the treatment of antibiotics. It would seem that it is known that this bacterium should be sensitive to this antibiotic, but it, nevertheless, does not work. Sometimes, to determine the sensitivity of Ureaplasma to antibacterial agents, sown on a nutrient medium where and identify an effective antibiotic. When ureaplasmosis use the following medications:

  • the tetracycline antibiotics: tetracycline, doxycycline (yunidoks-Solutab, xedin);
  • fluoroquinolones: ofloxacin (zanocin, soflex, tarivid), pefloxacin (abaktal, UNICEF);
  • macrolides: azithromycin (Sumamed, Ecomed), josamycin (wilprafen), clarithromycin (clarbact, fromilid).

(By the way, the first two groups of antibiotics contraindicated in pregnancy). As a subsidiary of drugs prescribed as immunomodulators.

At treatment of a ureaplasmosis it is recommended sexual abstinence, sparing diet (no spicy, salty, spicy, fried, and of course, alcohol, in a word — better to shoot). At the end of drug therapy (or rather 2 weeks after her) is there another analysis, the results of which depends the further therapeutic tactics. Another feature of treatment — carrying out of similar actions in relation to your sexual partner, otherwise everything will be in vain.

Prevention ureaplasmosis… Well, what could be the prevention of sexually transmitted infections? This is what people from all sides telling: protected sex and intelligibility in choosing a partner. By following these rules, you can protect yourself from further health problems.

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