Allergies in the office. How to get rid of allergies at work

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You feel at home, away, on the street. But in the office you turn into a broken deck: watery eyes, a tickle in my throat and nose squishes. Why would it? Congratulations, you just diagnosed herself with an Allergy office.
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  • Different fungi and infectious
  • Dust from the hut
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Powder – go away!
  • Office: rules of operation
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Allergic to work — yavleniye frequent mention of allergies are found in the writings of the ancient doctors of the VI-V centuries BC the name “Allergy” in 1906, coined by Clemens von pirquet, a pediatrician from Austria. Meanwhile, an Allergy (from Greek “allos” – “other” and”ergos” – “reaction”) is an ancient and multifaceted disease. In fact, it is extremely violent reaction of the body to certain objects, animals, plants and even people. Come in contact with an irritant, the body begins to actively produce antibodies, increasing or decreasing its sensitivity. The most common symptoms of this disease, or expressing scientific, types of allergic reactions: coughing, rash, runny nose, watery eyes.

According to the British immunologov-allergologov, almost every fourth inhabitant of the earth out of ten earns the Allergy in the workplace. Over the last 20 years the number of Allergy sufferers on the Earth is increased four times. In particular, due to the cases of office allergies.

Different fungi and infectious

The main culprits of allergies – ubiquitous microspores of mold fungi. These unpleasant neighbors live in the bathroom, in flower pots and air conditioner filter. Multiplying at lightning speed, they poison their disputes, the office space, and you desperately RUB your eyes, sneeze.

How to deal: to Escape from the mushroom infestation in several ways. First, to repot houseplants, as soon as you notice that the ground in pots moldy. Second, install the air conditioner in cool mode, low temperature. Fungi is unlikely to have to taste, because they prefer to breed in warm damp environment. Thirdly, and perhaps first, will cause the master servicing of air conditioners. Let clean the old filter, and even better, set a new antibiotic.

Dust from the hut

System unit — warehouse dust and the cause of his allergiia the harmfulness of dust is no less dangerous than fungi. She lives everywhere, but her favorite place of residence still, your computer. This high-tech piggy allergens. So, the fan draws cooler air rich in dust into the CPU block, slightly warms up and throws it back… the Computer is a magnet for dust, because the electrostatic field that is created as a result of his work, distance the dust particles. They stick to the screen and swarming in front of him, and you inhale them.

How to deal: make it a rule every day before starting work to clean the monitor, keyboard and mouse with special wipes for office equipment. They are soaked in a special disinfectant solution, not only effectively erase the dust, but also removes static electricity. Accordingly, a speck of dust on your computer practically does not settle.

Dangerous chemicals

You probably have repeatedly drawn attention to what “heavy” in office air. And it’s not just the lack of oxygen. The main reason is that the furniture (made of chipboard, MDF), carpet, all kinds of coatings, plastic panels with increasing temperature release formaldehyde. It is a colorless toxic gas, which has a destructive effect on the nervous system, genetics, respiratory system, vision. Today, formaldehyde is found almost No carcinogenic. 1. Symptoms of chronic poisoning “deadly gas” that can be found in almost every one of us: fatigue, pallor, headache, shortness of breath.

How to deal: it is Unlikely that you will be able to convince your guide to take out old furniture out of MDF outside the office, but instead buy a new one – made of natural solid wood. Therefore, to reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in the air, as often as possible ventilate the area. Especially in the morning.

Powder – go away!

Who would have thought that the office equipment designed to make life easier for the home office, in a literal sense, this life, is poison. For example, a printer. When printing it fills the surrounding space is not only a subtle unwholesome smell, but also emits microscopic particles of ink. They settle on our skin and in the respiratory tract. Oil on the fire “adds” and a photocopier. During copying warmed it produces ozone, which is clearly not adding to health.

How to deal: to Insist that all printing and copying equipment suffered a well ventilated room. After contact with the printer is possible, wash your hands and wipe your face, because poisonous printer powder settles on the skin.

Office: rules of operation

Of course, serious allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock can occur only in predisposed people. But even the slightest cough or pain in the eyes still cause a lot of trouble. Help yourself:

  • Rinse the nose, caress the throat (salt water). This will help to wash away dust and other unpleasant “precipitation” on your mucous membranes.
  • Near the work area, place potted plants with large leaves and dark green. Stop your choice on the Chlorophytum. Undemanding plant from my childhood perfectly cleans the air quickly absorbing almost all known bacteria. Greening the workplace is useful and from a psychological point of view. A study by American scientists proves: 80% of employees in green offices are quite satisfied with their lives and demonstrate high performance.
  • Every day ustraivaite wet cleaning of the workplace. Don’t be lazy, because we are talking about your health! Only use safe hypoallergenic means. Wipe not only the table and the computer, but the leaves of plants. The “green conditioner” is also in need of cleaning.

Consult your doctor

Consult your doctor-Allergology Allergy jokes are bad, the disease just will not wave away. Moreover, it should be treated not herbs from my grandmother’s cellar, and the modern medical means. By far the most effective means recognized by allergen-specific immunotherapy (ASIT).

But before you start therapy, it is necessary to identify the irritant. Consult to an allergist-immunologist and to hand in the necessary tests-tests. Fall is the time for this, after all, to cure an insidious disease it is necessary in advance, without waiting for his aggravation.

After you identify your personal allergens the specialist will begin to teach him the body: introducing stimuli in the form of drops or injections, gradually increasing the concentration. The full course of treatment takes several months, so it is recommended to start in the autumn-winter period.

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