Aerophobia. How to overcome it?

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Ahead of the vacation, but your mood is at zero, instead of a sharp rise because soon you will find yourself in a wonderful country, dropping from their shoulders the burden of everyday problems, get a little sun, swim in the sea, why? And for one reason only – you are flying! To get other means of transport or just not possible, or “eat” vacation days, and you are afraid to fly.

And what’s the solution? Some psychologists suggest to learn to deal with fear, bearing the name of aerophobia. Empirically established guidelines that, if not removed entirely, the thrill of traveling by air, will help much better cope with it.

A few tips that will help You to get rid of aerophobia.

The first thing you need to do is to try to understand how the plane actually stay in the air. For the most inquisitive can be answered briefly – due to wing lift, the thrust of the engines and stuff… does that mean anything to you? If you’re an Aviator, Yes, and it is not necessary to delve into the professional jungle. You must have enough statistics that knows everything and surely displays the aircraft in the first place for reliability, among other types of transport.

Don’t start thinking about the flight and prepare for it in hours or even days. Arrive at the airport exactly as much time as you need to go through all the procedures. Mode disciplinarum and does not leave extra minutes to painfully try to discover the reason why it is still possible to abandon the flight.

Start your holiday right in the terminal: take the head with thoughts about whether the hotel Shuttle whether you want a room whether in the country of arrival, in this time sale, you’re sure to find something you want to buy. In short, make plans for the future and not on the approaching flight.

Why do you think the rosary is so popular? It turns out that the fingertips are nerve endings that are connected with the brain centers, fingering them, the person calms down. So bring some small object that you can hold in his hands, it is better if it is still possible and what to do, including, in addition to fine motor skills and mind, for example, the Rubik’s cube.

Not the fact that beside you in the chair will be the same aerophobia as you. Do not reject communication, moreover, you may learn a lot about the future place of rest, and time will fly by so quietly that you will be sorry its transience.

You already took off, so you practically depends nothing, the whole responsibility was taken by the pilots, who like you want the number of takeoffs coincided with the number of landings. Therefore, recovery position, sit back in the chair and tell yourself that the law of large numbers with you nothing will happen.

Be sure to eat all you will offer a smiling flight attendant. Again, from the point of view of physiology, when the stomach works, head rests, including obsessive thoughts. There is nothing wrong and that if I allow myself a little alcohol. And better than before departure, combined with lunch in-flight.

You must have some thing which for you is the mascot, will certainly take her with me. Usually this works on a subconscious level, gives confidence that your guardian angel is near.

If you’ve read what we’ve advised you, and told yourself that you are not reassured and inspired on flying without fear, you need to individually work psychologist. And yet, maybe this will help you to get rid of fears and stupid thoughts, there is a saying: “something to fear, then it will happen”. Folk wisdom, by the way. And a happy flight and soft landing!

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