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A third of women unsuccessfully dieting my whole life

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Excess weight is a problem for a significant number of women, but the results obtained by British sociologists during the survey, stunned.

A third of women sitting on a diet and few calories Company Mintel (UK) conducted a survey and found that one in three women throughout his life trying to adhere to a particular diet. The survey respondents showed that 57% of women tried during the past year to reduce your weight using various diets. Two-thirds of the girls interviewed confirmed that they are trying to lose weight over a long period of time.

Slim and fit male, in good shape, is a benchmark of male beauty. However, men were quite different performance and a different attitude to losing weight. According to sociologists, only 39% of the representatives of a strong half of mankind tried to fight with their weight. Researchers also indicated that among men is much less evident dissatisfaction with their weight.

Regarding the awareness of respondents about methods of weight loss, scientists have remembered this fact: only 30% of respondents were willing to buy foods with healthy components, the use of which will lead to weight reduction. A significant part of the respondents not only knows how many calories a day they consumed, but do not even think about it. While among those who count calories in your diet, every third woman exceeds the optimal number of 2,000 calories per day.

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