A runny nose in a child

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As soon as the cold season, almost all mothers experiencing frequent and prolonged acute respiratory disease from their babies. A weakened immune system is not uncommon. The slightest exposure to cold or contact with a sick person – and now the baby is sneezing, coughing, had a stuffy nose. Rhinitis is the most common symptom of a cold, so finding solutions to problems, how to cure common cold in infants is traditionally relevant.

The types of rhinitis in children and its distinctive features

Rhinitis may be acute (caused by a viral infection) and chronic (to have a permanent nature and complex etiology). The runny nose with SARS should be distinguished from allergic rhinitis, which can not be cured, not by identifying a specific allergen.

All types of rhinitis in children are the same: nasal discharge of various colors and thickness, nasal congestion, constant sneezing and watery eyes.

Feature of young children is that they do not know how to blow your nose. In this regard, many mothers find it difficult to answer the question of how to cure a runny nose in a baby to avoid severe bacterial complications associated with stagnation of mucus in the sinuses. In babies under one year the nasal passages are considerably smaller and narrower than in adults, and blocking them with slime is much faster and is accompanied by severe swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose, making nose breathing almost impossible. And because the immune system of an infant is not developed, the common cold can lead to the development of infectious complications such as pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis media, and in some cases to the development of pneumonia due to inhalation of infected sputum. Therefore, it is very important that the wash procedure of the nose of the child with a special solution.

Another complication of rhinitis in children is weight loss, because the baby can’t breastfeed because of nasal congestion. It should be remembered that a mild runny nose does not require special treatment, because together with mucus from the body removes pathogenic bacteria, however, severe and prolonged cold requires treatment to the doctor.

Complications of rhinitis requiring medical intervention

In severe cases, only a doctor can determine how to cure common cold in baby correctly and quickly. Also immediate access to a doctor is needed if a child has been:

  • high temperature, which may indicate the appearance of the body sharp infections;
  • inflammation of the throat and shortness of breath that can lead to the development of angina or pneumonia;
  • complete loss of appetite, leading to weakening of the body and its immune system;
  • headache, which may indicate the beginning of the sinusitis;
  • the duration of runny nose more than 2 weeks;
  • purulent and bloody, discharge from the nose, meaning the joining of a bacterial infection or damage to the blood vessels of the nose;
  • the occurrence of rhinitis after exposure to known allergen mother.

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