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A new type of immune cells will help in the treatment of diabetes

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A team of scientists from the research Institute of SCRIPPS (Scripps Research Institute) established a new type of i mmune cells that are supposed to be able to serve as a basis for new treatments of autoimmune diseases and diabetes mellitus of the I type.

Treg cells will help treat diabetes type 1 Found cells like T-lymphocytes, but have the ability to differentiate into Treg cells that perform a protective function, preventing autoimmune diseases.

With the development of type I diabetes, cells of the immune system mistakenly act on cells responsible for insulin synthesis in the pancreas. Scientists tried to isolate Treg cells from laboratory rodents with this type of diabetes, and place them in the cell nuclei that contains genetic information. Professionals thus have managed to create a situation in which a mouse brain produces Treg cells.

Scientists hope that the discovery will help not only to treat insulin-dependent diabetics, but also to make successful steps in the treatment of other autoimmune diseases.

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