A method of producing a dismountable plaster models of the jaws using dowel pins and plastic cap

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Component elements of the devices for this method of producing a dismountable plaster models are consumable kits:

  • marking and basic ground plates;
  • key and marking pins;
  • self-adhesive protective film;
  • stand (tribrach) for fixing the impression;
  • plates for fixing the print in a special material “Siloviks”;
  • manual cutters to remove excess protective film;
  • the different articulation of the bases for fixing the models in articulator.

The sequence of receiving a separable model consists of the following:

  • the preparation of the print (the edges of the print are cut to create a uniform fit to the marking plate);
  • strengthening print special material on the base with one vertical wall on which there are two slots for fixing marking and basic records;
  • installing and centering the transparent marking plate. At this stage I outline future lines of cuts of the model. Thanks to the many holes that are identical to each other, very easy to set marking pins that will exactly match operating pins;
  • the training ground working disc:
    the coating of the working plate adhesive protective film;
    the marking plate is removed from the stand and coincides with the record. While marking the pins are pressed via the protective film on the working plate outline hole for operating pins. The remains of the film holes are cleaned using a manual cutter;
  • the installation of the operating pins having a conical shape (one end of the retention pin has notches for fixation in a cast, another flat, exactly corresponding to the internal shape and diameter of the holes in the working plate), a ground prepared for a working plate;
  • immersion of the working plate with the pins in supergips that filled the impression;
  • the extract from the impression of the working plate with the model after solidification of the plaster;
  • the separation from the base model of a fragment of the dentition. This manipulation, due to the self-adhesive film, is quite easily and quickly. In the future, the excess plaster is removed with a solid carbide cutter model cut using a thin diamond disk of a certain diameter into fragments of the dentition, which, after appropriate processing, the newly mounted on the working plate.

Advantages in obtaining portable models for this method are:

  • in this method also, as in the previous, we do not use machines for drilling and trimming of the cap model, no re-contact of plaster with water saving supergips;
  • the accuracy and speed of model creation (time costs do not exceed 10 min.);
  • multiple use of work records;
  • no need for additional equipment;
  • a small assortment of consumables (adhesive tape and pins).

The disadvantages of the method include the need for preliminary layout of print and there are different plates for the upper and lower jaws.

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