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4 reasons to learn to play table tennis

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To be successful in the 21st century, people need a lot of strength and energy to give your career. Therefore, most of today’s top managers are forced to sacrifice a good rest. Corporate culture – gives rise to the syndrome of “workaholic” which forces everyone to work in “non-stop”. Emotional stress at work leads to depression and a nervous breakdown. A daily static loads experienced by an office assistant, are a major cause of poor posture and problems with the spine and joints.


Table tennis for health and good mood

There are effective ways to protect against stress that will help to forget about the complexity of chef and personal problems.

Sport and exercise – these are the doctors who will give us the energy, strength, activity, will make us fit and healthy. We are not talking about professional sports. We encourage all to become followers of table tennis. That is table tennis bring flexibility to joints and the entire body will help to burn extra calories and get rid of obesity.

Table tennis is freedom, speed, agility, reaction, analysis and concentration. All these qualities You will develop playing ping-pong. So, food for thought or what we didn’t know about ping-pong.

  • When playing table tennis person burns more calories than during a basketball game. For one party, the player “runs” from 200 to 4000 m. however, the defender on average to overcome a distance of 3000 m, and the forward is 1000 m. table tennis will help to cope with excess weight without exhausting diets.
  • Ping pong – best eye exercise. Especially for those who are working with computer. Pause between strokes lasts for about 0.9 s. This rhythm allows our eyes to focus on a dynamic object, which is very useful for IT professionals. Ophthalmologists recommend that table tennis in myopia (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia).
  • Ping-pong – a game of chess for the body. The game will teach You to think fast and make quick decisions. Time for making response decisions during the attack of the enemy is 0.14 and 0.19 s. You will develop the dexterity and speed of reaction.
  • Table tennis is the best exercise for the joints. Playing ping-pong, You will get rid of the effects of osteoarthritis, improve fine motor skills and strengthen the ligament. This is one of the most effective ways of recovery after operations on joints. It is necessary to correctly calculate the load. Exercising 2-3 times a week, You will strengthen your joints and ligaments and get rid of stiffness.

The game will help relieve stress and return your confidence. This secret weapon, through which you can easily succeed!

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