100 advice to men on how to protect your heart. Part 9

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Without drugs. Without bypass. Without scars. Just follow the advice of this article — and your heart will work like clockwork.

We continue to publish recommendations for your heart.

81. Take vitamin E together with aspirin. Scientists from Pennsylvania University discovered the miraculous properties of this drug combination consisting of an antioxidant and anticoagulant. This drug-vitamin symbiosis helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the arteries sklerozirovanie 80%.

82. Want to combine business with pleasure? A little cool from the heat on a hot day and help your heart? Drink cold grape juice. Researchers from the University of Connecticut found that grape “juice” is a powerful protector of your heart from the treacherous actions of cholesterol, clearing your arteries from the effects of his active work on their inner walls. Or, alternatively, eat the grapes himself. The effect will be absolutely identical.

83. Don’t be fooled by all kinds of “miracle diets” that promise quick weight loss. Scientists from the University of Michigan found that men who have weight “jumps” in a wide range, usually have a weaker heart than those who have chosen weight loss method “slowly but surely”. In addition to this, first, as a rule, there is more issues with blood flow. Therefore, the conclusion is clear: hurry slowly.

84. Make friends at your workplace. Researchers from Saint Louis University studied the state of health of 70 the new York inspectors and found that those who had the most friends, showed the best results in various cardiac tests, including determination of heart rate and blood pressure measurement. Moreover, this pattern was in force when the friendly police officers were in a state of stress.

85. Deception is always fraught with various troubles. The most banal sex outside of marriage (read: adultery) increases the risk of death from heart attack. Doctors from the Clinic in London, St. Thomas ‘ found that 75% of cases of sudden death during carnal pleasures have those men who have been married second marriage. Especially high risk to give all those men whose sexual partner is much younger. However, as the researchers say, men who live with his wife for many years, virtually no risk during sex.

86. Today, many pharmacies offer free blood pressure measurements from their visitors. Do not miss the opportunity to once again be validated, that is, “for free”. Pharmacy blood pressure monitors are much more accurate than if you measured blood pressure aunt Valya from a neighboring apartment. The study showed canadian scientists, blood pressure monitors used at home, lose an average of 8 points systolic pressure, and 4 points diastolic. So, if you measure the pressure at home, not at the pharmacy or in the clinic, then do three control measurements — so reliable.

87. Eat fresh berries. Strawberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries is just full of salicylic acid, and it is almost the same well-known fighter with cardiovascular disease aspirin.

88. Tear yourself from the aura of stress. Blood pressure rises, usually in the morning after waking up. But, if you listen to some nice soothing music instead of “Emergency” on NTV you may well be able to rein him in. Thus you will reduce risk of morning heart attack (by the way, in medicine there is even such a thing as a morning heart attack).

89. If you are an ardent lover of football, you better cheer for “Tom” or “Ural”, not for “Zenith” with “CSKA”. A study conducted during one of the FIFA world Cup showed that the frequency of heart attacks is higher among those fans whose teams regularly win. Experts attribute this amazing fact (it would seem that it should be the opposite) with the euphoria of victory. In this case, they recommend to kill the excessive joy of homemade routine exercise — this will help to curb the euphoria. But one never knows — and to celebrate, you can grab a heart attack.

90. Stop snoring (we know it’s not easy, but nevertheless…). Half of the people with sleep apnea — a condition where a person stops breathing (it can last up to minutes) — have the appendage “bonus” in the form of high blood pressure caused by abnormally high concentration of the hormone aldosterone, secreted by the adrenal glands. If you can defeat sleep apnea (sounds like the chorus of the song, isn’t it?) you will inevitably reduce your blood pressure.

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