100 advice to men on how to protect your heart. Part 10

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Without drugs. Without bypass. Without scars. Just follow the advice of this article — and your heart will work like clockwork.

The final 10 recommendations for your heart!

91. You don’t need to be a renowned expert in pharmacognosy, remember only one thing: phytosterols and phytostanol — nutrients for your heart. These plant compounds, extracted from pine trees and soy can lower the concentration of “bad” cholesterol on average by 10-15%. In addition to biologically active food additives, phytosterols and phytostanol contained in anticholesteremic oils, such as Benecol.

92. Buy orange juice fortified with calcium. Increasing the daily dose of calcium in your diet will help reduce blood pressure. Also, orange juice will bring you another “profit” is vitamin C. According to research by British scientists, those which contain more vitamin C in the blood are 40% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

93. Start eating pumpkin seeds. Just one ounce (about 30 grams) of sunflower seeds contains more than a third of the recommended daily intake of magnesium. Says doctor of medicine Mildred Siling, author of “the magnesium Factor,” magnesium deficiency accompanies all of the most dangerous phenomena underlying cardiac disorders such as high blood pressure, concentration of cholesterol in the blood and intensification of the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the inner wall of the arteries.

94. As there is Mikhalkov-the senior? “I’m not afraid of injections…”. Categorically the right position in life for a man who thinks about his heart. It is really not about injection of medicines, and acupuncture. Acupuncture promotes the secretion of endorphins that help the heart to remove unnecessary burden, to relax and get away from the influence of stress.

95. Man is not a car, but what kind of oil he fills, is also of great importance. Indian scientists have found that men who refused the vegetable and corn oil in favor of sesame, were able to lower their blood pressure by more than 30 points in just two months. Moreover, it was the only change in their daily diet, however, see what a striking effect it brought!

96. If you are a meticulous perfectionist, wipe the dust from the objects of the environment every half hour, move this “cleaning” the enthusiasm of the furniture himself. What are you talking about? About massage! Massage, including all kinds of rubbing, tapping and pinching, helps relieve stress and reduces the body’s level of chemical substances that can lead to the development of the inflammatory process localized in the skin. This fact points out Maria Hernandez-Reif, a researcher from the Institute of skin research at the University of Miami.

97. If you ironically looking at neighbor-ogorodnic who seems to be ready to conserve all, how to reach her hand, you should know that a grain of common sense this is considerable. In the journal “Chemistry of agriculture and food products” published a study according to which many canned vegetables contain 40% more antioxidants, which are known to be the best helpers in the fight against heart disease-than fresh vegetables.

98. Eat the red licorice (or licorice is better known as licorice). Compounds found in the roots of red licorice to mitigate the spike in your blood pressure, especially those men who are addicted to black licorice. Confectionery liquorice, which add fruity flavors, these compounds do not contain.

99. Contact vegetarianism. If it is against your religious beliefs (in other words — if you can’t imagine my life without meat), you become at least a partial vegetarian. Scientists from the University of Toronto found that introduction in your daily diet several portions of pure vegetarian food, such as whole grains, nuts, legumes, and soy cheese can have a positive impact on your heart. If you sustain this diet for at least a month, you will be able to reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood by as much as 30%.

100. And finally — the final Council. He will be summarizing and generalizing character. So you carefully read all the hundreds of recommendations. Remember: for your heart will be much better if you follow these “commandments” for a long time. “Cavalry assaults” when you indiscriminately start to follow all the recommendations, but exactly to the moment when you feel the improvement of your health, nothing good will result and after a return to the unhealthy lifestyle all negative moments will be back again. We have given you a great tool to protect the cardiovascular system. Take note of at least 10 tips and follow them meticulously for the following month. When they are firmly part of your life, add the following 10. By the end of the year you will feel a tangible result!

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