10 bonuses that your health gives sex. The pros of sex.

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From burning calories to cancer prevention benefits of intense sex life beyond all expectations. Are you ready to improve your health this way?

“More sex — more health” — what a pleasure to follow this formula! It not only can improve your mood (through natural stress relief), but as studies show, can slow the aging process, to help cope with many diseases and even heal wounds. In this article you will find a complete layout of all the therapeutic advantages that you get in addition to a pleasant time in bed with your partner

1. Sex has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system

American cardiologists declare that men with graphic sex life “2 times a week” are less likely to suffer cardiovascular disease than those who have sex less frequently. The study was conducted at 1165 men for 16 years, so this is not empty theorizing. Finally, one more figure: men whose sex life is limited to one romantic encounter in a month (or even less) 50% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than those who have sex at least once a week.

As one of the study’s authors, Dr. Susan Hall, here we have to consider several important factors that can explain a lot. So, the physical ability to have sex is an indicator of the General health of the individual, and physical activity, which, of course, are sex, are a good workout for the cardiovascular system. It is impossible not to take into account the emotional component: the sex improves mood, makes the relationship between the partners more warm, which in turn, allows to dissipate the atmosphere of stress and troubles in life. Whatever it was, it is obvious that sex is good for the heart.

2. Making “it” you burn calories

Because of their brevity orgasm only burn two or three calories. But the prelude to it… well, much, much more. It all depends on the intensity of application of techniques of love to the object of his passion and the weight of your body. Thus, persons who actively indulging in amorous pleasures, spend about 5 metabolic equivalents (MET). MET is a measure to quantify physical activity. For comparison, prosizhivanie pants in front of the monitor is equivalent to 1 MET. But — more to the point (or body): 85 kg male in intensive sexual activity (let’s call it so) burns about 413 calories an hour. However, since the average “session of love” lasts about 20 minutes, it is appropriate to talk only about 150 calories. However, in any case two times more effective in terms of burning calories than Voznesenie on the couch alone.

3. Sex is a natural sleeping pill

This is best know the woman. Orgasm for most men is like a magic wand of Morpheus: waved (in our case removed) and immediately fell asleep.

4. Sex suppresses the stress

Scientists from the University of the West of Scotland conducted a study in which it was confirmed that sex, like exercise, suppresses anxiety, reduces concentration of stress hormones and may help to cope with the psychological pressure, at least for a week. In the study, 46 participants (all were men) were asked to demonstrate their skills in solving mathematical problems in front of demanding audience. They have also been instructed to keep a diary of their sexual activity for 2 weeks before testing. As a result, those attendees who have had sex were less stressed, their blood pressure faster returned to normal after the thrill of public speaking. “Participants who had full-fledged sex was two times more efficient than those who were deprived of these joys of love, or settled for Masturbation,” said lead author of the study, psychologist Stuart Brody.

5. Sex improves the immune system

Chernecki Carl and Frances Brennan, the two psychologist-writer from Wilkes University, in Pennsylvania, conducted a study on the basis of which they have been made the following conclusion: those lucky people who have sex 1-2 times a week have a stronger immune system than those who do it less than 1 time. The researchers examined saliva samples from 111 students that were then interviewed on the subject of his sex life over the past month. The analysis showed that in the first case (sex 1-2 times a week) saliva students contains 30% more immunoglobulin A (IgA) than in the second. According to Czarnecki “IgA is the first line of defense from colds and flu”.

Conclusion about the usefulness of sex is confirmed by other studies. In one experiment, described in the “New England Journal of Medicine” published by the University of Pittsburgh, scientists have introduced into the nasal cavity of the volunteers live viruses of colds. As a result, individuals who lived more intense sexual life, the incidence of OCR was lower than the rest.

6. Good sex and a warm relationship are treated not only emotional, but very real wounds

Scientists from the medical center of Ohio State University conducted the following experiment. They used a special dermatological device causing the appearance of the hands small blisters in respect of 45 couples. The scientists measured the time of the scarring of wounds in two cases: after the statements of the spouses mutual claims to each other and after a friendly exchange of views about family life and parenting. As it turned out, in the first case, wound healing was slower than in the second.

7. Sex has a rejuvenating effect

Could sex to turn the inexorable clock of time backwards? British neuropsychologist David weeks of the Royal Edinburgh clinic says Yes. Within 10 years of the study they were interviewed 3,500 Americans and the British on the subject of their sex lives, the results that it was established that persons who have had sex 4 times a week looked approximately 10 years younger than his actual age. Says Dr. weeks, this is due to human growth hormone, among other hormones, is released in connection with sexual contacts. As you know, growth hormone plays a crucial role in keeping a person young.

8. Frequent orgasms can prevent cancer

Scientists suggest that frequent ejaculation over many years may reduce the risk of cancer of the prostate. In one American study involving 29 000 people aged 46 to 81 last were interviewed regarding their sexual life (including Masturbation) in the period from 20 to 49 years. At the National cancer Institute analyzed this information and determined that those individuals who orgasm 21 times per month were much less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who had 7 or fewer ejaculations during the same period. The scientists I base this fact on a number of factors: first, ejaculation clears the prostate of carcinogenic secretions; second, the orgasm has stressmanagement potential, which may limit the concentration in the body potentially hazardous substances that triggers cancer.

9. Love more — live longer

Irish researchers examined the mortality of 1,000 middle-aged men and concluded that sexual activity can affect health and longevity. The researchers compared men depending on age and health and found that the mortality rate among those who most often experienced an orgasm, was 50% lower.

10. Frequent sex is the way to happiness

Australian scientists have published information according to which married men are 135% (as they only figured that out) happier than single. You will ask, what about couples cohabiting in a civil marriage? They also have sex. However, as it turned out — not enough: according to the study, researchers from the University of Chicago, sexual activity couples legally married, significantly higher than civilian (300% vs. 25%).

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